Samples an signal at a defined sample numbers. pypho_sample returns the values aof the siganls of each polarisation and the identification number of the symbol as definded in pypho_arbmod ).

The module can plot a constellation diagramme with colored constellation points.



Instantiation and parameter setting. All parameters have to be set after ___call___, as the input parameter bits are generated by other moduls.

Parameter Type Description
glova instance Global parameters


Output Type Description
User defined variable pypho_arbmod.pypho_arbmod  


pypho_sample.__call__(E, constpoints, bits

Parameter Type Description
E list List in which the signal is defined. Read here about data signal and noise representation
The input signal can be optical or electrical.
sampletime integer Defines the the sample number, at which the inout signal is sampled.
constpoints array Defines the constellation points.
Definition of constpoints can be found here pypho_arbmod.
bits array Definition of bits can be found here pypho_arbmod.
style string Defines the color and style of the constellation points.
If two polarisations are plotted, seperate the style definitions by comma.

For example:
'x,o': Plots the X-Polarisation with crosses and the Y-Polarisation with circles.

No constellation diagramme is plotted, if style = 'None' is set or style is not defined.


Output Type Description
User defined variable tuple Returns a tuple (S_x, S_y, N_x, N_y), where S_x and S_y are arrays representing the samples. N_x and N_y are arrays representing the identification number of the constellation points as defined in pypho_arbmod .

Fig. 1 : Constellation diagramme of the X- and Y-polarisation plane.